Cardi B Files $15M Countersuit Against Ex-Manager Shaft

Cardi B has recorded a $15 million countersuit against her ex manager Klenord “Shaft” Raphael, TMZ report.

The rapper recorded the suit at a federal court on Thursday, saying that he was excessively controlling of her own life and vocation. She asserts he needed to control her relationship with Offset.

In the suit, as indicated by TMZ, Cardi B said that Shaft orchestrated a management deal that was much excessively valuable, making it impossible to him, at her own expense.

Cardi B said Shaft needed a half commission off her Sony Music publishing deal when he as of now got 20%.

Shaft had, in April, sued Cardi B for breach of contract, uncalled for advancement, declaratory judgment and maligning, and looked for harms “at least $10,000,000.”. His group had stated:

Cardi B acknowledges a management agreement with WorldStar, but asserts that the agreement was breached by Shaft’s company when it failed to appoint an independent business manager, failed to provide her with monthly accountings, failed to provide adequate payment to her, and failed to provide documentation of expenses.

As a sign of just how far Cardi B has come in the industry, she’s being represented in this legal dispute by Paul LiCalsi, a partner at Robins Kaplan who has been the long-standing attorney for The Beatles.

The Shaft parties had no comment upon the filing of the lawsuit.

The former Love & Hip Hop cast member was brought to court in April, weeks after Cardi B’s Invasion of Privacy album was released and hit it big on the charts. Shaft claimed credit for discovering Cardi B .

The lawsuit also includes defamation claims over what Cardi B was writing on social media.

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