Americans Name Barack Obama Among the Best Presidents in Their Lifetime

A lot of Americans consider Barack Obama as the best president of their lifetime.

The poll – which was undertaken by the Pew Research Center – asked more than 2,000 US citizens who they thought had done the best job as president. They were also asked to give a second choice.

In second place, 33 per cent chose Bill Clinton, while 32 per cent picked Ronald Reagan. George W Bush came in fifth place with 14 for per cent of those asked choosing him as either first or second choice.

62% of twenty to thirty year olds (those matured in the vicinity of 22 and 37) place Obama in their main two, while 46 per cent said he was the best. Obama likewise positioned exceedingly with Generation X (those matured 38 to 53) with 41 per cent of the vote, yet he missed out to Reagan who got 45 per cent. As you climb the age groups, Reagan’s vote expanded with the Baby Boomers (54-72) and the Silent Generation (73-90) tending to rank him higher.

44% of Americans said Obama was either the best or the second-best president in their lifetime, with 33% saying the same for Bill Clinton. 32% said Ronald Regan was the best or second-best president in their lifetime.

The current president, Donald Trump did not fare quite so well, with only 19% voting for him. George W Bush came in fifth place with 14 per cent of those asked selecting him as either first or second choice.

With regards to Trump among the ages, people born after WW2 were well on the way to pick him as the best or second best president, at 21 percent. Twenty to thirty year olds and the quiet age were straightaway, both at 19 percent, and 15 percent of Gen Xers said the same.

Unpopular presidents include Presidents Richard Nixon, Lyndon B. Johnson and Gerald Ford, as indicated by the survey. They all got 5 percent of votes or less.

Among political parties, most Democrats, at 71 percent, vote Obama as having done the best occupation. With 49 percent, Clinton comes in second. Most Republicans, at 57 percent, vote Reagan as having done the best job, and Trump comes in second with 40 percent.

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