Omojuwa has set aside opportunity to clarify why SARS is a ‘terrorsit organization

Political observer, and a blogger  Omojuwa has set aside opportunity to clarify why SARS is a ‘terrorsit organization in Nigeria’.

As per him, ‘Terrorisml oppression: the methodical utilization of dread particularly as a methods for compulsion. In light of this definition, SARS is a fear based oppressor association. A legitimate unit of dread’.

He additionally stated, ‘I am sure beyond a shadow of a doubt highly ranked police officers are using SARS as fund-raise. No chance any police unit is so encouraged to threaten the general population while the IG and his kindred mannequins look on’.

See the rest of his tweets below,…

These SARS terrorists are very strategic. They don’t arrest people in Ikoyi, Lekki, Maitama etc, they go to places they feel their potential victims would be helpless. SARS has to rank as a major terrorist organization right now. Their main advantage is that they are legal.

They are like the regular terrorists. They target mostly powerless people.

He however said, What sort of Police arrests people because of their hairstyle? That is like in the top 10 dumbest actions of Police worldwide.

I would like to apologize to SARS Lekki zone. I erroneously said they were not in the business of terrorizing citizens. I have since been informed, via various comments across Twitter and Instagram that they are actually even more notorious. Apologies for my initial error.

Adding to his tweet, he said…………. That was how I entered one woman’s shop at awolowo road Ikeja I had credit on my phone I had to buy 500naira recharge card as a decoy cause SARS was arresting everyone randomly outside


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