I Go Dye blame Nigeria politicians for not keep up with the principles of democracy

Nigeria Comedian, Francis Agoda, known as I Go-Dye has insisted that its high time political parties accepted that they have failed Nigerians.

The comedian said, politicians have failed to keep up with the principles of democracy.

Reads the post:

“It’s high time all the political parties, wake up and accept failure, gross failure for not standing firmly with the principles of democracy.

“When you can’t protect the welfare of your citizens; then there is no need to speak or act in the guise of being a Democrat.

“Celebrating democracy in Nigeria is like celebrating corruption. Is it truly government of the people that we are practising? Absolutely not!

“When almost a million of our youths are locked up at different prisons in Nigeria and internationally, for crimes caused by the leadership class and instigated due to bad governance; while almost all the alleged looters of the economy have been granted bail, under the expertise of SANs and the one-sided criminal justice system in Nigeria, which protects the rich and punishes the masses?

“Na poor masses Na dem dey sentence for mobile court. The poor cannot afford justice.

“You all deserve to be celebrated and nobody can discredit your sacrifices.

“I weep because recycled politicians who have previously abused the intelligence of Nigerians. What will any of the senators in the last 19 years of our democratic role be remembered for?

“The next generation will remember them for been active and passive contributors to corruption.”


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