How to run Online Advertising Campaign with success

The internet accounts for one third of the typical media day for all adults. Consumers spend nearly four hours online daily of their media time compared to daily exposure to newspapers, radio, TV and outdoor advertising.

Using search engines for advertising purposes is different than search engine optimization (SEO). Instead of getting ranked organically by Google’s algorithm, you’re paying for the placement of your ad in certain spots on search engine results pages (SERPs). We’ve all seen them; they’re the search results that are typically at the top of the page highlighted in a yellow that seems to be blending in more and more with the background.

Before we begin, I’m going to assume you have a well-defined target market, you understand clearly who your target is, you know where they hang out on the Internet, and you know their psychological triggers. Without this info, you’ll always lose in marketing.

Steps to marketing success For a business to start running an effective online ad campaign they need to at least follow these basic steps:

1• Define a marketing strategy that works for their business: will people seeing the online advert be enough, or do they need customers to click through to the website as well?

2• Define a brand identity to run through all the ads: Figure out where they hang out on the Internet. Learn what they read. Find out what social networks they visit. Discover industry-specific forums or blogs. You get the picture. Once you know where they are, advertise there.

3• Design and make a banner that’s not just clickable, but compellingly clickable

4• Figure out where their online banner adverts will best reach their target audience • Work out their budget commitment – how much will it really cost them for success? How long will it really take them to see a good enough return?

5• Define a daily budget and login every day to manage that budget

6• Incorporate social media marketing, to really hit people who are truly relevant to their business. However, even these basic steps require skills that are often beyond the capabilities of the typical small business manager, and will certainly take a significant time commitment to learn.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. for the brevity of this bullet point; however, this doesn’t mean that the message should be the same for all of these different platforms. The basic idea is to deliver your message to your fans and followers with the ability of interaction afterward. If a user has a question concerning the message they are able to reply directly to you via your post, which gives you the chance to answer back immediately.

7• Relevant Content Is King

An advertising campaign on well-targeted websites can help you reach more customers. The key is to buy space on sites that will put your advertising in the appropriate context, since prospects who are in the right frame of mind when they see your ad are more likely to act on and remember your message.

You can advertise on specialized websites where visitors get information about the type of product or service you market, and on more general websites that offer channels with relevant content. For example, if you’re marketing to school of small children you might advertise on education websites and on more generalized sites that have sections with information of interest to education.

8•Invest in great creative.

A terrific ad in the right place will produce superior results this holiday season. So go beyond the ordinary and create special ads that intrigue, inform and motivate.

•Sponsor post or dedicated solo e-mails is an extremely effective method of advertising for many businesses. If you discover that much of your target is reading content from a particular website, find out if you can sponsor that post or send a dedicated advertisement. A dedicated, or “solo,” e-mail is an e-mail advertisement that a publisher will send to their newsletter list that contains only one piece of content: your ad. These can be golden.

Online media is great and effective means to increase sales than the traditional method.

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