francistochi narrates how he was allegedly harassed and extorted of N200k by SARS officials in Lagos

In the most recent instance of SARS provocation and coercion, IG client Francis Tochi has imparted his miserable experience to the authorities in Lagos.

As indicated by him, he was gotten and cuffed by SARS officials yesterday as he exited a bank where he had gone to pay for his MBA program and was purportedly extorted of N200k.

In his post, he additionally affirmed that the SARS official shot a young innocent person before him since he declined to give them 50k after they blamed him for taking codeine in a Pepsi plastic bottle..

Read his dismal story underneath.

Today I had an encounter with #SARS i was just going about my business so I was headed to the bank when one of them stopped me by 7:30AM today and asked me my name I told him and he asked of my ID I showed him when he was done, he asked me to come with him to their Van his boss wants to see me I didn’t argue I gently went and when I got there, their boss asked for my phone and password which I gave to them when they where done, he asked of my wallet and I gave him then he brought out a bank Transfer teller i made to a foreign account in the ?? for my MBA program from my Wallet next thing they asked me to get into the car, pushed me in hand cuffed me and took me to a canal on Lagos mainland, and shot a young innocent guy in front of me because he refused to give them 50k after they accused him of taking codeine in a PEPSI plastic bottle, after they shot him, it was confirmed that it was actually PEPSI the guy was drinking then they said same will be my faith if I don’t oblige and asked me to pay 400k for my life, I was concerned about the young man they shot and threw into the van I was only allowed to make 2 phone calls and that’s it. I was not with my ATM then one of them turned and said he has a son who has the same name as mine, and he went to their boss after talking to him they removed the handcuffs from my wrist in the end they collected 200k from me before they let me go….

NIGERIA?? I weep. @opetodolapo @nigeriapoliceforce I know y’all won’t do anything about it including other security agencies we have in this country just like the many complaints you’ve received from my fellow Citizens of this Country Nigeria??…@falzthebahdguy@official2baba @charles_okocha@iam_emoney1 @crazeclown@davidoofficial @ubifranklintriplemg@soundsultan @davidoofficial

I know you guys can do something about it, it’s heartbreaking that citizens of this great nation live in fear everyday, not fear of been messed up by armed robbers, but fear of been killed or extorted from by the same people assigned to protect us. #EndSars#ThisisNigeria #heartbroken ?


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