Conjoined twins in Tanzan die at 21

Tanzanian conjoined sisters, Maria and Consolata Mwakikuti who wound up well known when they started their studies at a Tanzanian college in September 2017, have kicked the bucket at 21 years old after a long ailment.

Their admission to the Ruaha Catholic University in Iringa in September, 2017 had stamped it the first in a nation where crippled individuals are frequently minimized or relinquished during childbirth.

They were joined at the midriff, wound up minor famous people in Tanzania where the media had nearly finished their way secondary school.

They had started a course in training with a view to getting to be teachers in history, English and Swahili, when they turned out to be sick in January, eminently experiencing heart issues.

In a tweet by President John Magufuli, he stated, “I am disheartened by the demise of twins, Maria and Consolata. When I last went by them at the hospital, they prayed for the nation. My condolences to their family… Rest in peace my children,”

After a change in their wellbeing, the sisters proceeded with their treatment at a doctor’s facility close to their college, where they died on Saturday.

On their entrance into the college, Consolata stated, “We didn’t anticipate that this day will come, it is by the beauty of God that we are here today.”

The twins were taken in by catholic mission when deserted by their mom after the demise of their dad.

Maria in an enthusiastic explanation on the state TV last July, said guardians ought not “Cover up or bolt up their disabled youngsters”.

“They should realize that as individuals, impeded or not, are equivalent and have similar rights,”


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