Causes of Explosions of Android Phones and how to avoid it

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‘We have witnessed a lot of cases that mobile phones explode. Driving into any filling station today in Nigeria, you would send the sign , NO Phones or Switch of your phones but the truth is that about ninety percent of Nigerians do not obey this. A lot of people have been seen making calls in the filling station. This can lead to explosion ! Also making calls in your kitchen where you have your gas cylinders around isn’t what we should be doing.

An Android chips and its Battery(cell ) when ‘ON’ is a Bomb. A big bomb like a military grenade that can explode to kill someone using it and kill persons within a radius of 2meters from the phone.

When does Android Explosion occur ?

1. When the Cell phone is over charged for too long , expansion begins. If you overcharge also too often, Expansion will one day reach a critical point, but you may not know when this maximum has been reached. At which, it explodes and kills and even those around the distance of 4m.

2. Explosion occurs spontaneously, immediately an Android cell phone smells Petroleum fumes or Cooking gas fumes.
These fumes do have the same electrical chargers similar to the electric charges in the Android cells . And you know what that means in magnetism.
Nelkon Physics book told us in class three Secondary that Equal poles (p+ and q+) repel or explode.

1. Avoid going to a Petrol station with your Smart phone “ON”.
Put your phone “OFF”, switch it off, make sure it is not “ON” before you enter a gas station

2. Do not sit in a Kitchen with your Smart phone, when cooking is being done with a gas cylinder.
Danger !!!
Both the cylinder and Android battery may explode simultaneously.

3. Do not put the phone on charge overnight and go to sleep. Always remove the charger when you cannot monitor when it is full, to avoid overcharging.


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