CAN Chairman Isa Nenman arrested over violent Plateau killing protest

The Chairman of the northern zone of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN)Plateau state, Rev. Isa Nenman, has reportedly been taken to police custody.

The association had protested the recent killings in Plateau State, led by the Chairman, Canon Nenman Gowon.

The group Enough is Enough Nigeria shared the news of Gowon’s arrest on their Twitter, and called all members to meet to demand his release.

A statement signed by the Chairman of the Plateau Northern Ethnic Nationality, Paul Dekete, says Nenman who was part of the facilitators of the protest that took place at the state government house yesterday June 27th, was arrested for allowing the protest to degenerate, leading to the destruction of some properties at the state government house.

Read his statement below

”Following yesterday’s peaceful protest by CAN supported by youth groups, the CAN chairman, Northern Zone is in Police custody, and there is a directive from Abuja to make arrests.

Due to that, we are inviting all members to meet at the Hqts, as we, demand for Chairman’s release. Its urgent and now, all other platforms should mobilize now, please.

Signed by Chairman Plateau Northern Ethnic Nationality

Paul Dekete”

According to The Nation, however, contrary to the claim made by EIENigeria, the protest had turned violent, with properties, including cars, destroyed.

A source who spoke to The Nation said:

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) tripartite joint protests led by Rev. Canon Nenman Gowon, Northern Zone, Plateau State, The Pharmacy Markus Kanda Youth Wing (CAN), Plateau State and Evangelist Jerry Dating, Arewa Pastors Forum on the killings was hijacked by thugs, alcoholics, hoodlums who broke into Government House, Little Rayfied, destroying properties, breaking windscreens, smashing cars and throwing stones at the Government House building, resulting into breaking of glasses and hurling stones at security operatives.

It is the leadership of the church against the Christian leadership of the state affairs as CAN-led women and youths’ protest turned uncontrollable, violent.

At the last count, about seven cars were destroyed and the frontal entrance of the Government house was destroyed.

The police shot in the air to disperse the rampaging protesters.


CAN Chairman arrested over violent protest in PlateauCAN Chairman arrested over violent protest in Plateau



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