White woman in Oakland, California who called the cops on black family earned the wrath of internet

A lady as of late earned the wrath of internet after she called the cops on a black family who were getting a charge out of a day out in the recreation center in Oakland, California.

On April 29, a black family arranged a grill and as they were setting up by the lake, an anonymous white lady moved toward them and called the police. Their wrongdoing, as indicated by her, was flame broiling in one of the recreation center’s assigned grill zones utilizing a charcoal barbecue, rather than a “non-charcoal” flame broil.


White woman who called the cops on black family becomes a meme and some of them are outright hilarious


Someone who witnessed the incident posted a video of the altercation on Twitter and YouTube, and it subsequently went viral.



In response to the incident, Oakland residents threw a huge party and grill in the exact same location where the woman called the cops on the black family at Lake Merritt Park.



But it didn’t stop there. Social media users took to Twitter and Instagram to make the white woman into memes. The memes showed various scenarios where blacks were meeting and the woman picked her phone to call the cops on them.

See some of the more hilarious memes below.




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