suspected yahoo Man slumps after getting slapped by police officer for refusing a phone check in Lagos

Police brutality is rampant in Ojodu Abiodun area and lagos at large, the recent attack is just the latest in a series of similar occurrences.

Unnamed man lumped yesterday morning after getting slapped on the head by a police officer because he refused to have his phone checked .

The police officer tried to search his phone. The officer couldn’t access the mobile device because it needed a passcode and the man refused to provide the code when the officer asked for it. The officer then tried to drag him to the Adugboluja Police Station, but the victim refused.

As a result, the officer got angry and hit the man multiple times at the back of his head until the man lost consciousness.

The beating only stopped after the young man slumped and passed out. He was promptly rushed to Ewa Hospital, by passers by. It was gathered that policemen are notorious for this habit in that axis.


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