Saudi Prince,Sultan Bin Salman 68-years marries 25-year-old woman after paying bride price of $50M

A 68-year-old Saudi Prince Sultan Bin Salman married a 25-year-old woman after paying a bride price of 50 million Dollars, according to online reports.

The prince married his young bride in an unrestrained service and the video has been shared on the web.

The wedding guard had between 20-30 white Range Rovers and no less than 30 vast boxes were offloaded from a white rich transport to be exhibited to the lady of the hour’s family. Precious stones were additionally skilled the lady of the hour. A chariot loaded with presents for the lady of the hour and her family was likewise observed at the setting of the wedding.

The bride is believed to be Emirati – from the United Arab Emirates.

Social media users have taken to various social platforms to react to the wedding. Some say the woman has been bought. Others say as long as she’s of age, it doesn’t matter.

Watch the video below.


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