Oprah Winfrey Smokes Marijuana,Gayle King reveals

Oprah Winfrey best friend Gayle King who featured on the Ellen Degeneres Show recently  revealed that the media mogul does weed.

The respected and richest women in the world is a ‘marijuana smoker’,Gayle said”.

To be fair, Winfrey had previously admitted to using marijuana. In a 2015 interview with David Letterman, Winfrey admitted that she had smoked marijuana in the past, but hadn’t done so for 30 years. Although the fact that King says, “It’s not something that happens on a regular,” seems to possibly imply that Winfrey may not have given it up 30 years ago like she told Letterman.

The News anchor was discussing marijuana with comedian Amy Schumer during the show when she made the statement. She said she has never used cannabis, but couldn’t say the same about her BFF. You can check this website and view the full interview. “Oprah has also smoked a little marijuana, too. I don’t mind saying that,” King said. “I’m not telling tales out of school.”

When DeGeneres asked if Winfrey “likes” getting high, King declined giving more information by saying: “I refuse to answer on the grounds that it may incriminate her,” King said when pressed for details. “It’s not something that happens on a regular — I’m going to change the subject.”

King also went on to reveal that she’s interested in trying marijuana for the first time.

“I’ve gone all this time without smoking…am I missing something?” she asks. “I prefer to be high on life. I’m so glad to be on the planet doing the jobs that we do.”


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