Journalist who shared the embarrassing video IGP’s ‘transmission’ video ‘goes into hiding as Police launch manhunt

Liberty Television reporter,Aminu Nurudeen who published a video of Ibrahim Idris, inspector-general of police (IGP), struggling to read a speech at an event has gone into hiding.

The Kano State Police Command invited the reporter to its office immediately the video went viral but Nurudeen’s whereabouts has been unknown since the Kano State Police Public Relations Officer, SP Musa Magaji Majiya, invited him on Thursday.

The clip has since trended online and Nigerians have mocked Idris for the blunder.

The IGP spoke at the inauguration of the Police Technical Intelligence Unit in Kano state on Monday.

The report by Punch said, “he (the IGP) has however ordered an investigation into the leakage of the video but we are watching to see how he intends to deal with the individuals behind the viral video without further embarrassing himself and the force”.

The journalist is said to have disobeyed an order by releasing an embarrassing video clip. It was learnt that the Kano police command had instructed journalists not to release the clip.

The IGP Idris, in an interactive media chat on the police Twitter handle, Nigerian Police @PoliceNG #Askthepolice, had also told Nigerians that the video was doctored “Yes, it was doctored,” he said in response to a question from a Twitter user.

The video clip “I mean, transmission, I mean effort, that the transmission cooperation to transmission, I mean transmission to have effect, ehm, apprehend, I mean, apprehensive towards the recommendation, recommended formation effective and effect, I mean, apprehensive at the transmission of…and transmission and transmission for the effective in the police command”.

The police detectives are allegedly using the police technical platform to track the original source of the video on social media. Bloggers that posted the video might be interrogated by the police for allegedly, “peddling a doctored video meant to cast the IG in bad light and embarrass the police leadership.”

Kano State for Ibrahim Idris represents land of fortune and disgrace. It was alleged that Mr. Idris owned his sudden promotion from Commissioner of Police to Inspector-General of Police as a result of manipulation of President Muhammadu Buhari’s 100% electoral victory in that state in 2015, where none of the registered voters either traveled or died!

It was alleged at the time that the fall out from the Kano 100% of two million votes for President Buhari which didn’t go down well with the Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC) late Alhaji Munkaila Abdullahi who was roasted in his official residence along with his wife and two daughters was at the heart of Mr. Idris’s compensation for a job copiously executed.

This is not the first time IG Idris would be exhibiting stark illiteracy. Mr. Idris’s sterility came to the fore at the Senate confirmation section in 2016 where his hollowness was exposed as a man whose appointment was meant to pay back previous good done to the appointing authority.

Strictly speaking — on that occasion — Mr. Idris brought the Bachelors degree in Agriculture from Ahmadu Bello University Zaria and Bachelors degree in Law from the University of Maiduguri into disrepute, altogether.

As a product of quota system, Nigerians are not sure that the IG of Police couldn’t read from a prepared speech or directly engage the audience. It’s the wickedness of the northern Nigerian political leadership who deliberately, disgracefully and, of course criminally lowered and destroyed the standard of education in a bid to hold the country down.

The problem of educational backwardness in northern Nigeria goes to the core of acceptance of stupidity both by the leaders and the denizens who conspired to lower the mark for them to pass exams in a competitive society where everyone operates on the same plain. This is the time every Nigerian and the global community should rise up and admonish fraudulent northern political leaders and charge them to stop thinking that something is wrong with the intellect of the northern child or their learning ability.


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