Glo Data Plan ,Prices & Subscription Codes for Android, iPhone device

The Nigeria telecom giant Globacom data plans range from daily, weekly, monthly and flexi plans to Blackberry Plans including plans for Blackberry 10 devices, Glo Night Data Plan and Glo Campus Data Booster.

You hardly see any telecom network in Nigeria boasting of the cheap internet bundles. However, Glo boasts to be the Masters of Data Bundle in Nigeria, and while that claim may ambitious it’s obviously true.

Glo offer much more data volumes for much lesser prices. We also provide a self care data management portal, the High Speed Internet (HSI) portal where you can view your data usage, share data, buy data and gift data.

Daily Plan

32MB =27MB + 5MB Price: N50/1 day: new customers get 45MB… dial *777# to buy plan

105MB =90MB + 15MB * Price N100/1 day : new customer get 160MB….dial *777# to buy plan

Multi Daily Plan

350M=240MB + 110MB * Price N200/2 days: 500MB (400MB +100MB*) dial *777# to buy plan

1.05GB 800MB + 250MB * N500/14 days: New Customers get 1.8GB (1.6GB + 200 MB Night) dial *777# to buy plan

Monthly Plans

2.5GB =1.9GB + 600MB Price N1000/30 days: New Customers get 3.7GB (3.2GB + 500 MB*) dial *777# to buy plan

4.1GB =3.5GB + 600MB * Price N1,500/30 days :New Customers get 6.75GB (6.25GB + 500 MB *) dial *777# to buy plan.

5.8G=5.2GB + 600MB * Price N2,000/30 days : New Customers get 9.5GB (9GB + 500 MB *) dial *777# to buy plan.

7.7G=6.8GB + 900MB * Price N2,500/30 days: New Customers get (12GB + 750 MB dial *777# to buy plan.

10GB =9GB + 1GB * Price 3,000/30 day: New Customers get 17GB (16.25GB + 750 MB *) dial *777# to buy plan.

13.25G=12.25GB + 1GB * Price N4,000/30 days: New Customers get 19GB (18.25GB + 750 MB *) Dial *777# to buy plan.

18.25G=17GB + 1.25GB *Price N5,000/30 days 23GB : New Customers get (22GB + 1GB *)
Dial *777# to buy plan.

29.5GB =27.5GB + 2GB Price N8,000/30 days :New Customers get 37GB (36GB + 1GB *) Dial *777# to buy plan

50GB =46GB + 4GB * Price N10,000/30 days: New Customers get 50GB (46GB + 4GB *) Dial *777# to buy plan

93GB =86GB + 7GB * price N15,000/30 days: 93GB New Customersget (86GB + 7GB *) Dial *777# to buy plan

119GB =109GB + 10GB * Price N18,000/30 day: New Customers get 119GB (109GB + 10GB *) Dial   *777# to by plan

138G =126GB + 12GB Price N20,000/30 days: New Customers get 138GB (126GB + 12GB *) Dial   *777# to buy plan

Special data plan

1GB Price N300/ 1 day : Dial   *777# to by plan

2GB price N500/2 days :Dial   *777# to by plan

1.25GB Price N200/ Sunday : Dial   *777# to by plan


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