Offa Bank robbery: Toll Increases 50 dead bodies including 9 Police- Vigilante group

This latest bloody bank robbery in Offa town has left in its trail several salient questions begging for answers, and it won’t be out of place to demand for a complete overhaul of the security architecture of the state, as the armed bandits have severally proven the porosity and poor policing of our inter-state borders among other noticeable shortcomings

Few days after a gang of robbers raided five banks,the Vigilance Group in offa, Wasiu Adepoju, on Saturday, said vigilantes in the state counted about 50 dead bodies after the Offa Bank robbery.

This was against the 17 people that was accounted for by the state Commissioner of police, Mr. Lawan Ado.

Wasiu told Punch after the robbery, we counted about 50 dead policemen and civilians. They shattered the bodies with bullets. They targeted mainly the heads of their victims.”

the robbers stormed the area and started shooting sporadically with heavy guns, adding that they ran to inform the police as they did not have any ammunition to defend themselves or to confront the robbers, before they could reach the police station, the bandits had already killed some victims, including policemen.

The vigilance group said it would be impossible for the robbers to operate and go unchallenged if the vigilantes were armed.

“The number of policemen available to the community is low, given the population and number of banks.

The police post is also very close to the road. There are no strong barriers. Once you branch off the road, the next thing is the station.

In some countries, you allow banks to use their personal security, and I think we should do the same here instead of wasting the lives of our policemen again and again.

There should be no law forbidding banks from having their own security.”

At the General Hospital Offa, one of the medical doctors revealed that 21 bodies were brought in to the facility and nine of them were police officers.

Kwara State Police Command affirmed that nine of its personnel were also killed by the robbers.

The spokesman for the command, Mr. Ajayi Okansanmi, told reporters that seven other people lost their lives in the attacks. There were unofficial accounts which said that the death toll might have risen to twenty-three, including two policemen allegedly shot by the robbers in Okuku, Osun State while returning from the operation. In addition, they reportedly abandoned three vehicles.


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