I wouldn’t allow my daughter to suffer from inferiority complex – Seyi Law

Prominent Nigerian comedian, Seyi Law, who as of late performed in front of an audience with his little girl Tiwaloluwa, in his current show in Dublin has expressed that she will not suffer inferiority complex as he did.

Seyi Law and his little girl could wow the group of onlookers in their execution and everything resembles the VIP is as of now setting up her for the stage.

From the clasp, the pleased father was seen asking Tiwa different inquiries extending from the name of her nation, to the name of the legislative leader of Lagos State, and Tiwa addressed effectively, activating generous cheers from the gathering of people.

This is the first run through the humorist would be spotted performing with Tiwa and in a talk with Saturday Beats, he uncovered that the inquiries were not practiced.

He stated:

“No, we did not rehearse before I brought her on stage. It was only the audience that was shocked by her brilliant responses, I was not. She has been taught a lot from school and those were part of what she was taught. I have always put her in front of the camera and so she didn’t have stage fright. I try as much as possible to build her confidence as I suffered serious inferiority complex growing up.”

Talking on how he could free himself of inferiority complex, the silliness trader essentially stated,

“I needed to examine increasingly and figure out how to get associated with talks all the more shrewdly. I would state my insight helped me.”

The show showed by Seyi Law and his little girl was not however welcome by a few Nigerians. They took to online  to censure him for uncovering the little girl unduly.

While reacting to the faultfinders, the humorist stated:

“It is their concern since I didn’t enable their parents to prepare them, so they ought to enable me to prepare mine. When I require their suppositions I would inquire. For the time being, it isn’t required.”


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