Chad Government blocks Social Media & Instant Messaging Apps against Internet Sans Frontieres

The Chad Government has blocks Social Media & Instant Messaging Apps like WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger, news website such as BBC,CNN in Chad have been restricted.

This new case of censorship comes just a few days after Internet Without Borders and partners submitted a report to the UN Human Rights Council, on Human Rights violations in Chad

Internet Without Borders is alarmed by the current shutdown of social media platforms follows a recommendation made in a national conference that could extend the rule of Idriss Deby, who became president in 1990, until 2033.

Abdelkerim Yacoub Koundougoumi, Head of the Central African division of Internet Without Borders said, This technical evidence of the Internet shutdown in Chad, and the simultaneity with the tensed political situation of the country suggest that the government is once again limiting digital rights of citizens, online freedom of expression in particular, for political reasons. We should not only question the government’s responsibility, but also the role played by Internet service providers in the violation of digital rights of millions of Chadian citizens. We call on Chadian and Central African Internet users, international digital advocacy organizations for a general mobilization to support Internet Without Borders in this initiative.

In 2016, for more than 3 months, the government blocked social media in a move to clampdown the sharing of information on the country’s elections.

Internet Without Borders calls on the government to take all necessary measures to restore full Internet access in the country. Chadian citizens’ have the fundamental right to freedom of expression and communication online.

Source: Internet Without Borders


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