Nigerians Poor experience with GTBANK customer care service

One Gtbank customer Hilary Chielozonam Umeoka share his experience he had with GTbank customer care on how his bank account got restricted on the 5th of February 2018 as a result of N14,000 that was paid into it by a scam artist in error.

Below is the details:

The actual account owner claimed she was robbed by the scammer. Her phone was stolen and the scammer used her phone to buy the product and paid the N14,000.00.

I got to my GT bank and made inquiries. I was made to understand the cause of the restriction.

The customer care representative told me what to do.. the letter to write to settle the issue. I did as directed by the bank staff!

After some days, I got in touch with the real owner of money that was transferred. Both of us later agreed to settle the issue peacefully and I was more than willing to refund the 14,000 naira although it means I’ll lose the product purchased with it which is already with the scammer.

It’s been over one month, nothing has been done. My Gt bank account remains restricted. Money can enter but I can’t withdraw.

But to be candid, It’s been a bad experience with all the GT customer care rep that have been dealing with the case Both online reps and real-life reps at the bank.

The was silly things i I observed while meeting or talking with the customer care.

All the GT customer care reps that handled or are still handling the case keep making empty promises. They will “Sir, I’ll call you back, just go”. (They never did)
They will say, “We’ll get back to you within 24 hours or 48 hours” They never did”.

Each time I go to the bank for this issue, the customer care will keep me waiting for hours. At the end, I’ll be asked to go.. that I’ll be contacted. Nobody has ever contacted me since then. I’ll be the one going back to the bank to seek solution.

One told me last time.. “Sir, I give you my word this time, I’ll get back to you” (She never did)

I noticed the case seems abandoned. I’ll be the one going back to the bank to remind them.

One of the customer care I spoke with on phone (Lagos) where the other party lodged a complaint told me that he will email my branch right away… That the issue can be settled easily..
The next day, I went to my bank here in Owerri, they told, no email was sent.

What a shame!

The customer care I shared the problem with online via GT connect kept saying, “Sir, I’ll email your branch and get in touch with the unit that restricted your account shortly” ( They never did) ( No response whatsoever).

Phone numbers that are never picked
The customer care reps gave me their phone numbers and promised to call me. They never called. Each time I call, they never pick.

I tried calling after the close of work or early morning, they never pick. They don’t even bother to call back. (What a service.. )

Laissez-faire attitudes
I notice ” Laissez-faire” attitude displayed by most of the customer care reps. They only want to discharge me and continue with their work.
None cares. None bothers to check the case.

There’s apparent inconsistencies noticed in the customer care reps from Lagos, the ones from Owerri and the ones from GT connect online. They keep counteracting themselves. One will say, the issue is simple. Just authorize the reversal of the 14K.
The other will say, NO, it’s not a simple case rather the other party need to secure a court order to reclaim the 14K. ( What a confusion)

Lies, I noticed lies in most of the customer care reps. They keep saying one useless thing or the other just to make sure I disappear and stop bothering them.

Fake automated emails, I got this email twice showing the case is closed via GT connect.. but yet the case still remains open

Thank you for contacting Guaranty Trust Bank. Your request 18022285680 – Erroneous transfer has been closed.
Thank You,

The Status-quo
It’s been over one month, my GT bank still remains restricted just because of the little change 14K paid in error. The GT customer reps never care to respond except when I prod them. No calls, nothing…. That’s a shame to Nigerian banking system.

My conclusion
The customer care system of GT bank is nothing to write-home about. It’s indeed an apology.

Another Gtbank customer  Name Frank ,also share his experience with me when he opened domiciliary account over a month, he never received any call nor email that one of his reference need to regularize.

The Problem  started when payment was made to the account, he was not allow to withdraw from it ..they told him to get another reference before he can withdraw from it .

Getting another reference almost took him one month to get, meanwhile the money was for urgent medical bills for his sick MOM.

MY question is,how long with Nigerians continue to tolerate this kind of poor customer service?

Hope the staff and management of Gtbank should do something reasonable about it.