Friends and Benefits: 3 Pros and Cons in relationships

We all like those stories about friends with benefits. You are friends who have relationship while being not romantically linked. Many individuals will in general trust that it is the best sort of relationship, as you owe each other nothing, therefore you won’t have any fights.

But is the friends with benefits relationship are  greatest as we got to believe? To figure it out we need to go through the pros and cons of friends with benefits. Yep, unfortunately there are certain disadvantages of this type of relationship. To analyze the pros and cons of friends with benefits we shall check them separately. So, let’s start with the pros.

Friends with Benefits advantage

  1. No Game Playing

Traditional romantic relationship involve that game playing where you wonder whether you should call your partner first or wait till he or she calls you. There is even a ridiculous three days rule, according to which you shouldn’t contact your date mate in any shape or form for three days after the first date. When you are in the friends with benefits type of relationship you can easily avoid all that romantic rules and regulations.

  1. Absence of Responsibilities

One of the biggest advantages of the friends with benefits type of relations is that you can fully focus on your career or studies. You don’t have to meet your friend’s parents and worry about whether they would approve you as their child’s partner. You don’t have to go on dates or call your partner every hour just to make sure that he or she is fine. You have a straightforward deal according to which you just enjoying yourselves

  1. You Can Keep On Searching for an Actual Partner

Another advantage of the friends with benefits kind of relationship is that nothing prevents you from looking for someone better. While in traditional relationship you may get the feeling that you are betraying your partner when you fall for someone else from  a good  dating site ,, something like that would never happen when you are in the friends with benefits mode. You straightforward deal is terminated whenever you or your friend find a potential partner.

Friends with Benefits disadvantage

After reading all the friends with benefits pros, you may get the feeling this type of relationship may have no cons, but, unfortunately it has. Let’s delve in and reveal the cons of friends with benefits.

  1. You May Lose Your Friend

You know that relationship sometimes can awake the best in you? Thus your friendship is at risk when you are in the friends with benefits mode. You may fall for your friends or vice versa, and in the end it may destroy any kind of relationship between you.

  1. You’ll Get Dropped When an Actual Partner is Found

The idea of searching for another partner while you are in the friends with benefits relationship may seem okay, when you are thinking about yourself. But considering the idea that you would be dropped as soon as your friend finds his or her actual partner is not that appealing. So, you must realize that getting hurt is one of the possible outcomes of friends with benefits relationship.

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