Edo- Iguomo community in Uhunmwonde appeal to Oba of Benin to revoke curse after Pandemonium deaths

The indigence of the Iguomo community, Uhunmwonde local government area of Edo state blockaded the the palace of the Oba of Benin on Monday, March 19, with tears, engaging for the renouncement of the alleged curse put on the community by the royal palace.

The mysterious death of community members which they traced to the curse placed on some people by the king palace of Oba Ewuare 11, the Oba of Benin.

The community members credited the curse  set on the community to what they depicted as the offensive demonstrations of insubordination of local standards by the former officials of the outlawed Community Development Association(CDA) in the village who ridiculed the orders of Omo N’Oba.

The community cried that since after the curse, sickness, pains  and untold death have been desolating the community.

As indicated by the secretary of the Iguomon community, Joseph Ighodaro who talked for the benefit of the community, said they were at the royal palace to speak to the royal father  as the incomparable customary expert in the state to renounce every one of the condemnations put on Iguomon town by his father

The focusing on that the general population of the community were prepared to do all the essential ceremonies required for the repudiation of the curse.

Prior to the Esogban of Benin kingdom, Chief David Edebiri, had cautioned that people ought to maintain a strategic distance from the scourge of the Oba in light of the fact that as per him, ”that people who had brought about the anger of the Oba dependably come later to ask for repudiation yet it is constantly troublesome.

The community additionally begged Omo N’Oba to consider the endorsement of Mr Roland Okhuarobo as the legitimate Odionwere of Iguomon community. ‘

‘The Oba should act the hero on the grounds that our own particular insolence and unfaithfulness drove us into this issue.

”We have promised to forgo each indecent conduct and we say thanks to God that government has restricted the CDAs who made this issue. Our people are dying of different sicknesses so we came to ask in light of the fact that we can never again keep on suffering.


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