Brazilian police arrest catholic priest Jose Ribeiro and others for diverting tithes and offerings

Catholic clergyman, Bishop of Formosa, Jose Ribeiro was arrested on Monday by Brazilian police for an allegations of financial misappropriation to the turn of 2 million reais ($608,000) from church coffers.

According to Globo TV.Jose website, Ribeiro and other Catholic clergymen where accused of stealing .

During a raid of the Ribiero’s home by police officers, a false wall was discovered containing some £19, 200 wrapped in plastic bags and hidden in a secret storage space.

Reports reveal that large amounts of cash in foreign currencies were also discovered

The state prosecutors said, the bishop, who was appointed to the Formosa diocese in 2014, is suspected of leading a sophisticated scheme that diverted funds from church coffers.

The investigation into the Formosa Diocese accounts began last year after members of the congregation alleged irregularities and misuse of assets by the Catholic Church.

The money was allegedly stolen over the course of a three-year period from tithes, donations, fund raising events as well as fees collected for ceremonies like baptisms and weddings.

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