Angela Merkel: German Parliament confirmsed her for Fourth Term as Chancellor

German Chancellor Angela Merkel,has re-election for a 4th term as the chancellor of Germany by 364 votes to 315.

According to BBC, Mrs Merkel has vowed to get to work quickly after the longest period of coalition-building in post-war Germany.

“I accept the vote” and beamed happily as applause filled the Bundestag chamber, where her scientist husband Joachim Sauer and her 89-year-old mother Herlind Kasner were among the well-wishers.

Her election is a result of the renewed alliance between Merkel’s CDU/CSU and the SPD, which its former leader, Martin Schulz, had ruled out.

Merkel’s fourth time is expected to be her last, and will be formally appointed by President Frank-Walter Steinmeier before taking the oath of office at 1100 GMT.

Her scientist husband, Joachim Sauer, and her 89-year-old mother Herlind Kasner were among the well-wishers in the Bundestag’s lower house.

The ceremony marked the end of a painful stretch of post-election paralysis, the deepest crisis of her 12-year career.


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