6 tips to manage Your Business Finances as entrepreneur

In business it’s better you know your financial status of cash inflow and outflow, spending time, running the day-to-day operations if not you will have a failed Business.

As an entrepreneur you don’t need to take radical decisions when you decide to run your own business,you have to be proactive with your finance.

This tips will help you handle your business finances easier.

1. Prepare your bookkeeping/financial reports.

Enter your bookkeeping information and financial details,You can hire a good bookkeeper, you can also purchase DIY accounting software or Quick Books . It is crucial that you keep accurate track of your income and costs.

2. Take record of  all receipts:

Always keep your business expenses and saving receipts,It helps you stay on top of business expenses and saves receipts in a digital format by means of Checking your bank account balance

Make sure your bank account balance and incoming revenue will be higher than the expenses/payments. If not, you may have to adjust the payment timing if possible, or use your line of credit.

3. Review your income and expenses regularly:

“When it’s time to reconcile your financial record, Quickbooks, can make it quickly and with relative ease by adding all the money your Business earns and the money it spends to your bookkeeping system.

4. Pay yourself salary on Monthly or Weekly by Keeping a separate business bank account:

Don’t Mixed business money with your personal expenses, Keeping your business’s money separate will make you understand how profitable is your business also make it easier and help you to keep proper track of your expenses by paying yourself salary/wages.

5. Reduce the money you spend on social activities:

spend less on hotel and travel costs, Don’t overspend on luxurious travel and accommodation as a business person.

6. Make good financial planning:

Proper business plan will help you project the unanticipated obstructions that will upset your finance,like when should I take credit for my business,should I gain new resource or lease, By getting month to month/quarterly/yearly reports, you’ll have the information to design a superior future for your business.


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