Singer Toby Gray:‘I can’t date a man who earns less than N200k naira monthly

The 24yrs old Nigeria singer Tobiloba Mariam Adeyemi popularly know as Toby Grey has revealed that she can’t date a man who earn less than N200,000 monthly.

The singer disclosed this in an interview with BroadwayTV talked about the kind of man she will like to end up with.

Though Toby Grey claimed she is not materialistic, however she said she is being realistic.

She said, “If we are going to end up getting married, then that’s not good enough, I’m so sorry, I’m not materialistic but this is just reality, it’s the fact, I mean if we are going to have like 10 kids your 200,000 won’t cut it, so no! Except you have other businesses”

“You know a rich man can be poor in knowledge and money is not something that people cannot have. Knowledge or let me say commonsense is something that is really hard to acquire. If he is poor in commonsense, then it’s a NO but if he is poor in money, it doesn’t mean he can’t be rich in money. So, of course I can marry a poor man if he is very rich in every other thing”

‘It’s in the past already. At that moment I felt embarrassed no doubt, but I got over it after that day. I still replayed the scenario in my head for about a week though because I just couldn’t imagine that it happened to me, but after that I totally forgot it because he apologized the day it happened. I got over it until everybody started to talk about it again. Obviously something in my head went from green to red that day; it wasn’t a fun experience so I can’t really say it had a positive impact on how I feel about him’ she added.


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