Donald Trump’s Physical Examination Results report, Excellent Health,’ Doctor Says

Washington DC has released the results of President Donald Trump‘s physical examination with White House Physician Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson.

Dr. Ronny L. Jackson, a rear admiral in the Navy and the White House physician, said in a statement. “The president is in excellent health.”

The president’s physical exam at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center went exceptionally well,HE Said”.

It remains unclear whether doctors performed any mental acuity, cognitive or neurological tests during the president’s physical exam.”nytimes report”.

Officials had said it would take a few days for test results to be completed. Mr. Trump is spending the three-day holiday weekend in Palm Beach, Fla., at his Mar-a-Lago estate.

The brief statement did not include any basic information about Mr. Trump’s health, including his weight, blood pressure or cholesterol levels. The president’s doctors did not indicate what tests they performed during the exam or whether Mr. Trump, 71, was taking medications.

The report revealed that Trump is on medication to prevent hair loss, and because of a history of elevated cholesterol also takes medication to reduce his cholesterol level.

See the report below:

White House releases Results of Trump's Physical Examination - BellaNaija