What are the differences of exotic leathers?

What are the differences of exotic leathers? There is no doubt that exotic leathers make a great Western wear, it can go from handbags, to jacket to incredible boots.

Exotic leather has always confused some of the customers of the style because there is a difficulty in having to differentiate one exotic leather from the other.

Another issue that most customers are facing is the fact that they have no idea how much each of them cost and why their price range is different from each other.

This is the reason why most buyers want their boots and other accessories checked in order to ensure its authenticity and in order for them to make sure that it is made out of genuine crocodile skin, alligator leather or caiman skin.

What adds to the confusion of customers is the production of embossed leather that looks exactly like genuine exotic reptile leather, what makes them different though is the price range and in a few years time customers will notice the difference just by touching it.

Since exotic leather matches well with Western outfits, it is the most sought after skin for boots, handbags and jackets. There are three exotic leather skins that these boots, handbags and jackets are made out off, these are crocodile skin, alligator leather and caiman skin.

Here are the characteristics of each of the exotic skins. Crocodile skin Crocodile skins that are used in boots, handbags, jackets and other accessories are gotten from Indo-Pacific Porosus Crocodiles that are found in Northern Australia, throughout Southeast Asia to the Coast of India in the Eastern Part, it can also be found in Davao, Philippines.

It can be identified easily as it has armor plates around its neck that is fewer than that of an alligator and it also has a board body compared to that of an alligator, it is also known as having a perfect symmetry and is tiling.

Crocodile skins have oblong scales and square scales all over them and if you look at them closely you will notice that it has small dots that is close the scale edge. The small dots on the skins of the crocodile are hair follicles, also known as sensory pores that helps crocodiles to detect and notice any type of change in the pressure of the water and it also helps them in locating and capturing their prey.

These ISO or integumentary sense organs are only found in crocodiles, so it is something that you can search for if you are thinking of getting an accessory or a footwear that is made out of crocodile skin. One mistake that most customers and purchasers make is that they assume that only alligators have navels or umbilical scars, the thing is crocodiles also have them and they are very much visible on their skin.

The umbilical scars of crocodiles are a bit different though as it is not as elaborate as the umbilical scars of alligators, but nevertheless these umbilical scars are located on the bellies on the crocodiles and the alligators.

This is the reason why high end and expensive boots and handbags display the umbilical scars of these crocodile skins and alligator skins as it is a sign of its authenticity and genuine quality.

Alligator Skin The alligator skin that is used in making boots are made out of American alligator skin and it is known to have a more pliable material and is softer than that of a Crocodile skin and a Caiman skin. The reason behind this is because American alligators are less bony than that of a Caiman crocodile.

Because of the softness and because of this specific characteristic, it is easier to work with an alligator skin that with the skin of a crocodile or a caiman, it makes it perfect for stitching, cutting and folding.

The softness of the skin of an alligator makes it more supple to run through and touch than the other exotic leather skins, aside from the fact that it is very easy to work with.

This characteristic makes it the top pick for luxury brands as they make their products like boots, handbags, wallets, jackets, belts and more.

Another characteristic that makes alligator skin stand out is that it is very easy and smooth dye.

This is because it is soft and it has a lack of bone and it does not hinder the absorb the dye.

There are no calcium deposits in the alligator skin thus making the dye evenly distributed through the skin of the alligator. Alligator skin is also perfect for different color dye as it absorbs it evenly without affecting the other squares or tiles.

Alligator skin is also used for luggage because it can grow as long as 10 feet unlike that of Caiman skin. It is also known for being flexible which makes it very perfect as a footwear.

Caiman skin Although Caimans are associated to American alligators, the characteristics of these two reptiles are worlds apart.

Caiman skin is stiffer and harder to cut, fold and stitch than that of an alligator skin. Caiman skin has calcium deposits that are usually at the center of the scale of the Caiman crocodile thus making them harder to stitch and form.

The calcium deposits that are present in the caiman skin has a pattern that is different than that of an alligator skin and it makes it a bit difficult to dye that the other exotic leathers. Caiman skin is also a bit shorter than that of an alligator and crocodile skin as it can reach up to 3 to 4 feet long only.

Caiman skin is a bit difficult to look for in the marketplace, but it is a lot cheaper to purchase so it is perfect for those small scale businesses to use in their footwear, wallets, belts, handbags and other accessories.

Caiman has more bones that are prominent, and although it is a bit difficult to work on, it is more structured than the alligator skin that is known to have softer hides.

It emphasizes the quality of animal skin that is why it is used by luxury brands and it looks incredible when used to make cowboy boots, handbags and other footwear. Written by Sian Webster Sian Webster is the caiman boots blog’s editor.


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