list of INEC new registers 21 political parties

Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) announced the decisions on the registration of new political parties at its weekly meeting saying  has registered 21 new political parties, taking the number of registered parties in Nigeria to 67. after they fulfilled the requirements provided by the constitution

In a statement by the National Commissioner & Member, Information and Voter Education Committee of INEC May Agbmuche-Mbu confirmed the registration of 21 new Political parties yesterday, this make the total  number of political parties in the country to 67..

The statement said that the associations were registered as political parties, because they had fulfilled the constitutional requirements for registration. The new political parties are All Blending Party (ABP), All Grassroots Alliance (AGA), Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN), Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party (ANRP), Coalition for Change (C4C) and Freedom and Justice Party (FJP).

Also registered are Grassroots Development Party of Nigeria (GDPN), Justice Must Prevail Party (JMPP), Legacy Party of Nigeria (LPN), Mass Action Joint Alliance (MAJA), Modern Democratic Party (MDP), National Interest Party (NIP), National Rescue Mission (NRM) and New Progressive Mission (NPM).

New Progressive Movement (NPM), Nigeria Democratic Congress Party (NDCP), People’s Alliance for National Development and Liberty (PANDEL), People’s Trust (PT) and Providence People’s Congress (PPC) were also registered. Also on the list are Re-Build Nigeria Party (RBNP), Restoration Party of Nigeria (RP) and Sustainable National Party (SNP).


The New political parties  are :


S/No.Name of Political PartyAcronym
1.All Blending PartyABP
2.All Grassroots AllianceAGA
3.Alliance for New NigeriaANN
4.Abundant Nigeria Renewal PartyANRP
5.Coalition for ChangeC4C
6.Freedom and Justice PartyFJP
7Grassroots Development Party of NigeriaGDPN
8.Justice Must Prevail PartyJMPP
9.Legacy Party of NigeriaLPN
10Mass Action Joint AllianceMAJA
11.Modern Democratic PartyMDP
12National Interest PartyNIP
13.National Rescue MissionNRM
14.New Progressive MovementNPM
15.Nigeria Democratic Congress PartyNDCP
16.People’s Alliance for National Development and LibertyPANDEL
17.People’s TrustPT
18.Providence People’s CongressPPC
19.Re-Build Nigeria PartyRBNP
20.Restoration Party of NigeriaRP
21.Sustainable National PartySNP

Ful List:?INEC registers 21 new political parties bringing the total to 67

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