Bank manager Judith Unoma Nwokemodo dies after giving birth to triplets at 55

Bank manager  Judith Unoma Nwokemodo dies after giving birth to triplets at 55

Mrs Judith Unoma Nwokemodo who was allegedly an staff in one of the Fidelity Bank , has died three days after giving birth to triplets, and as per reports, she defied doctor’s orders to conceive via IVF because her husband threatened to marry another wife if she doesn’t.

Nedy Mathias uncovered that Mrs Judith Unoma Nwokemodo as of now had a child yet her husband said he needed more kids, ideally another child, so she conflicted with the thinking that IVF has an age restrain and at age 55 she was past the point of confinement.

The deceased purportedly gave in and had the system. She in the long run gave birth to triplets however after three days, she drooped and kicked the bucket in the toilet.

All three babies are alive and healthy. The deceased was a beautiful and educated woman who had a Masters degree.

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Apparently this woman gave birth to her son yrs ago and couldn’t conceive again since. As usual there has been many issues with the husband and the in laws over having other children. In the end the husband threatened to marry another wife if she did not give him another child preferably a boy.

This woman was a manager in one of the Fidelity bank branches in the city, she had her own money and had helped the husband in many ways financially, she was beautiful, educated and intelligent, she was 55

She finally gave in to the pressure of getting pregnant via IVF at the age of “55”. At 55 my fellow woman allowed herself to go through fertility treatment and conceived, went through the ordeal of pregnancy at old age, and later gave birth to triplets, three days later she slumped and died while in the toilet.

At 55 this beautiful woman sacrificed her life to please a man who obviously has low sperm count hence he could not impregnate her naturally all these yrs. Now the triplets are alive, my fellow woman is gone, is the man going to waste time in marrying another wife now?

My sadness goes beyond the woman and her selfish husband but the foolish and wicked doctor who carried out the procedure. IVF has an age limit, pls look after your lives women, you need to be alive to be married and have children.

Why do we women hate ourselves so much that we subject our body to all sorts including our lives all to please men? Now the rumours in the village and everywhere is “why did she get pregnant” no one is talking about the husband who led her to her untimely death.


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