Atiku reveals Why he hasn’t visited United States

Former Vice-President, and ex APC Leader who dumped the ruling All Progressives Congress last week Friday, citing alleged failure by the Buhari administration to improve the quality of life in the country and neglect of the youth in federal cabinet appointment Atiku Abubakar has explained why he has been unable to enter the United States in the past few years.

In an interview with Boss Newspaper owned by Dele Momodu, Atiku also alleged that President Muhammadu Buhari was unable to enter the US for 15 years due to “religious considerations”.

“I applied, but wasn’t issued a visa. However, they did not decline me categorically either. They’ve only said my application is going through administrative process,” Mr. Abubakar told the paper published by Dele Momodu.

“It is the sole prerogative of America to determine who they want in their country or not. I’m not running away from America,” Mr. Abubakar added.

The former vice-president said such administrative denials were not unique to him, saying President Muhammadu Buhari could not also enter the country for 15 years due to his religious views.

Atiku also cited the case of Indian Prime Mnister, Narendra Modi, who he said was also unable to enter the US “for years”.

“Today, he (Modi) is being treated to red carpet treatment in America. I fly to different parts of the world, including Europe, if America wanted me, it would be so easy for them to reach out to their allies,” he said.

“On the issue of corruption, I have challenged anyone, anywhere, who has any evidence of corruption against me to come forward. I’m sure they would have combed everywhere trying to find anything incriminating against me, but they have not found it, or they are still searching,” Mr. Abubakar said.

Mr. Atiku, vice-president from 1999-2007, has largely been a businessman since retiring from Nigeria Customs Service decades ago.

He dismissed his critics and contenders as lacking basic entrepreneurial knowledge, hence the reason they despise him for his own business acumen.

“Let any of those who want to compete with me show what they have managed successfully,” Mr. Atiku said.

Mr. Abubakar’s likely 2019 ambition has become increasingly noticeable in his activities in recent months.


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