Van Gaal disclosed why Manchester United replaced him with Jose Mourinho because they are ‘all about money

The Dutchman and former Manchester United manager LOUIS VAN GAAL has claimed that the Red Devils sacked him and hired Jose Mourinho for “commercial reasons” because the club is “all about money”.

Van Gaal, who has compared his dismissal to a public execution, reckons that the only thing the men who run the Old Trafford care about is money.

“At Manchester United the balance has tipped well over to the commercial side.

“Were they unhappy about the results or the performances of the team under my management?

“No. But all of a sudden they could get Mourinho for the long term, a manager with a massive commercial value in the world.

“My wife, Truus, told me that the attitude of the board had changed. Women have this intuition. They smell it.

“I denied it, even to my wife, because between me as a manager and the chief executive Ed Woodward, everything was running as normal.”

He describes the way United launched their charm offensive to land Mourinho as the biggest humiliation of his career.