Court jailed Indonesia judge 8 years for corruption

Indonesia’s corruption court on Monday sentenced Constitutional Court Judge Patrialis Akbar, one of the country’s top judges to eight years in prison for taking bribes.

The sitting judges said, Akbar received $10,000 in expenses to perform minor hajj and about $300 for golf expenses. The panel also fined Akbar $22,500 or a further three months in prison.

The anti-corruption court in Jakarta found Patrialis Akbar guilty of receiving 10,000 dollars from a meat importer, the second time a Constitutional Court judge has been imprisoned for bribery since 2014 after Akil Mochtar,who was sentenced to life in prison for receiving millions of dollars in bribes from politicians in return for favourable rulings on local election disputes..

The law and human rights minister under former President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, denied any wrongdoing. After the sentencing, he said it was up to God to decide what was right and wrong, washingtonpost report.

While the meat importer, Basuki Hariman, was earlier sentenced to seven years in prison and his secretary, Ng Fay, received five years respectively.


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