British lawmakers approve exist from European Union withdrawal bill

The branded bill of government power grab, that have vowed to change it before it becomes law,British lawmakers voted in favour of a key Brexit bill in Parliament early Tuesday morning, marking an important milestone in the UK’s exit from the European Union.

Members of Parliament passed the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill which will transfer EU law into UK legislation when Britain exits the bloc  by 326 votes to 290 will now face attempts to amend it before a final vote later this year by government has  passed second reading, moving the bill to the next stage of the Parliamentary process..

The House of Commons backed the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill which aims to convert thousands of EU laws and regulations into U.K. domestic laws on the day Britain leaves the bloc in March 2019.”Time report”‘

The codifying existing EU laws, the bill also means the UK would no longer have to adhere to new laws made in Brussels after the country’s departure from the bloc.

David Davis, the UK’s secretary of state for exiting the EU, emphasized that the bill offers businesses and individuals “reassurance that there will be no unexpected changes to our laws after exit day” while avoiding “a cliff edge of uncertainty.”

Theresa May said  in a statement ,calling the vote “a historic decision to back the will of the British people.”

she said,“Although there is more to do, this decision means we can move on with negotiations with solid foundations and we continue to encourage MPs from all parts of the UK to work together in support of this vital piece of legislation, “the measure provides “certainty and clarity” ahead of the divorce.

Brexit Secretary David Davis said that without it, the U.K. faces “a chaotic exit from the European Union.”

Justice Secretary David Lidington told lawmakers that the bill is needed to ensure Britain has “a functioning and coherent statute book and regulatory system the day we leave.

Many have Criticized it saying the bill gives the government too much power, because it allows ministers to fix “deficiencies” in EU law without the parliamentary scrutiny usually needed to make or amend legislation. Such measures are often referred to as “Henry VIII powers” after the 16th century king’s bid to legislate by proclamation.time report”.

According to CNN, Henry VIII powers said,the Bill will constitute a “power grab” and give ministers more power than Parliament.

The government has said those powers will not be used for any significant changes but rather for technical amendments and only for a limited time.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn who instructed his party to vote against the legislation said

“Parliament has already voted to leave the European Union. But the government’s EU Withdrawal Bill would allow Conservative ministers to set vital terms on a whim, including of Britain’s exit payment, without democratic scrutiny,”

Despite attempts from Labour, the Liberal Democrats and Scottish National Party to band together in opposition to the bill, the post-midnight vote was a comfortable victory for May.

This first Commons win is a welcome boost for the Prime Minister after Britain endured a difficult start to negotiations with Brussels, highlighted by last week’s frosty encounter between Davis and his European counterpart, Michel Barnier.

Barnier complained of “no decisive progress” in the negotiations and accused Britain of attempting to secure the “impossible” in its approach to leaving the single market while retaining its benefits.

Opposition lawmakers, backed by some Conservatives, say they will try to amend the billat the next stage, when it receives line-by-line scrutiny before a final vote.Time news added”.