Benjamin Davis

Founder of 211 Crew prison gang leader, Benjamin Davis found dead in prison

The founder of a white supremacist prison gang known as the “211 Crew” Benjamin Davis died in jail, authorities announced Sunday his death is “currently being viewed as a suicide”.

He was serving a virtual life sentence for 211 Crew gang activities behind bars. His death is under investigation by the DOC’s inspector general.

The 211 Crew captured national headlines after one of its alleged members, Evan Ebel, assassinated Colorado Department of Corrections director Tom Clements on March 19, 2013.he declined to explain when or where Davis was found.

Department of Corrections public information officer Mark Fairbairn said,“We’re not confirming any location,”.

Davis, 42, established the gang in 1995 in a Colorado prison cell after he was supposedly attacked by a group of black detainees who broke his jaw, according to court records.

“Benjamin’s jaw was so badly broken, he had to hold it up with his hands,” his father, Israel Davis, wrote to a judge in 2007.

A police review of the assassination concluded that Ebel was in contact with multiple members of the 211 Crew before the murder.

“The murder of the Colorado Department of Corrections director was ordered by hierarchy of the 211 prison crew,” a Texas Ranger report of the case concluded.

“You have a high-ranking member of 211, and issues his death could cause in our facilities — it could cause disruptions for us,” Fairbairn said, specifying fights. “That’s what we are trying to avoid.”

Ebel was a member of the 211 Crew, a violent prison gang that Davis founded and led. Authorities investigated the possibility that Ebel was acting on orders from 211 Crew leaders, including Davis, who was a “shot caller” for the gang.

“Evan Ebel stood on the doorstep and killed Tom Clements alone,” and added that making the leap that there was a conspiracy is not supported by evidence.

It was unclear whether Davis was being held alone in a cell.”denverpost report”.