Blac Chyna attempts to take back’ the SUV Range Rover jeep she bought for Rob Kardashian when they were together

The American model and former stripper Blac Chyna feels like take back the SUV, Range Rover she bought for Rob Kardashian but have refuse to return some of the expensive gifts and jewelry her ex bought for her .

TMZ report that, the former stripper became ‘agitated’ on seeing the SUV, as she had gifted it to Rob when they were together
Chyna made an attempt to drive away with the Range Rover she gifted Rob after he drove it to a custody meeting they had at his lawyer’s office

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian’s split has taken a turn for the worse on Friday, when Chyna reportedly tried to drive off in Rob’s Range Rover

The sight of the Range Rover is said to have been a particular sore point for Chyna, 29, as she had returned the Ferrari and a Lamborghini gifts from Rob, 30, after they broke up, while he kept a hold of his vehicular offering.

MailOnline report that, Lisa Bloom, one of the lawyers on the former stripper’s team who had accompanied her to the Century City offices, denied to TMZ that the mother-of-two attempted to drive away in the SUV, or even entered it.

However, she did admit that her curvaceous client had some ‘choice words’ when she caught sight of the Range Rover, and that’s as far as things had escalated.

According to witnesses, a visibly agitated Chyna came along, saw the Range Rover, got inside and prepared to hightail it away from the building

Last week, they were reported to have split after Chyna became angry with his flirting with other women on social media is just a month after the rapper, 24, had Chyna’s initials tattooed on his neck, in an open display of his affection


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