Arewa youths beg Buhari:Allow Biafra, Oduduwa, others go through referendum

The Arewa Youth Coalition [AYC] has Condemn the comment made by President Muhammadu Buhari that Nigeria must remain one.

Arewa Coalition urged Buhari to conduct a referendum to provide an exit door for those who did not want to be part of Nigeria.

The Group town hall meeting for the North East geopolitical zone, yesterday, the coalition disagreed with him on the non-negotiability of the unity of the country.

In a statement by the coalition Chairman Alhaji Yerima Shettima to pressmen in Gombe, yesterday Tusday, that Nigeria should create an exit door for the Biafra agitators by convening a referendum.

He said, “The president just came back from his medical vocation. In normal circumstances, one should have expected him to take some time to have a clear review of situations in the country after spending 103 days abroad.

Though “His statement is a welcome development to some extent because there are issues; the unity of the country is being threatened. I think the focus of the president was basically on the threat to our national unity and those were the key issues he spoke about. In addition, that we would no longer tolerate anybody undermining the security of the country. Certainly, agreed, it should be that way as he felt. But I feel also that on the side of international law to which Nigeria is signatory, it is expected that government must create an exit door for those who feel they want to leave through a referendum and as stipulated in the 1999 constitution.

“If the government is up and doing, let us abide by the demands of the international law by creating an exit door for those agitating for self determination,” Shettima said.

“Certainly, the IPOB cannot be said to be speaking for the South-East because they are less than ten percent of the Igbo communities who are willing to remain in Nigeria,”

“An individual cannot hold the country to ransom. We felt patriotic individuals from the South East should have lent their voices to safeguard the unity of the country by condemning the IPOB agitators. If, however, some group of people so much believe in their Biafra, let such people go to your Biafra. Don’t bring war to the North, to Nigeria,” .

“It would not augur well if we insist on living with people who do not want to be part of the country and they keep threatening the unity of the country. It may even appear to the international community like a mockery.

Shettima said the October 1 quit notice issued to Igbo, Shettima lamented that the group’s message in the Kaduna Declaration was misunderstood.

“Our call is being misunderstood. We have been misquoted by mischief-makers who made it seem we are calling for violence. That is why we are not faceless and we respond to calls anywhere for dialogue with elder statesmen,”