America comedian and civil rights activist, Dick Gregory “Mr. Sun” dies at 84 in Washington

The United states comedian and civil rights activist, Dick Gregory died at the age of 84. He died late on Saturday in Washington after spending a week in the hospital fighting a bacterial infection.

Gregorywho appeared as “Mr. Sun” on the television show Wonder Showzen the third episode, entitled “Ocean”, aired in 2005. As Chauncey, a puppet character, imbibes a hallucinogenic substance, Mr. Sun warns, “Don’t get hooked on imagination, Chauncey. It can lead to terrible, horrible things.” Gregory also provided guest commentary on the Wonder Showzen Season One DVD. Large segments of his commentary were intentionally bleeped out, including the names of several dairy companies, as he made potentially defamatory remarks concerning ill effects that the consumption of cow milk has on human beings.

Dick Gregory used humour to break down racial barriers,his death announcement was disclose by his son Christian ‘It is with enormous sadness that the Gregory family confirms that their father, comedic legend and civil rights activist Mr Dick Gregory departed this earth tonight’.

He was Born October 12, 1932, his career as a comedian began while serving in the military in the mid 1950s. He served in the army for a year and a half at Fort Hood in Texas, Fort Lee in Virginia, and Fort Smith in Arkansas. He was drafted in 1954 while attending Southern Illinois University Carbondale. After being discharged in 1956 he returned to the university but did not receive a degree. With a desire to perform comedy professionally, he moved to Chicago

He was one of the first black stand-up comedians to find success with white audiences in the early 1960s, Gregory rose from an impoverished childhood in St Louis to win a college track scholarship and become a celebrated satirist who commented upon racial divisions at the dawn of the civil rights movement.

Gregory was number 82 on Comedy Central’s list of the 100 Greatest Stand-ups of all time and had his own star on the St. Louis Walk of Fame

He is survived by his wife, Lillian, and 10 children.

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