Eva Alordiah: Nija Rapper’s 16-Month Engagement To Caeser Might Be Over

Nigerian Rapper Eva Alordiah has finally revealed to the public that her 16-month engagement to Caesar is over.

The rapper took to her Instagram page to share an insightful, creative if weird post about being single and what she would do next.


Alordiah concluded that she would be spending some time writing. Oh, let’s not forget the cat. She’s getting a cat too.

A little cliche but the heart wants what it wants.

She shared a blank page and captioned it, “Single Again and not quite sure I was ready for the other side. Feels so familiar, this Single life, yet so new.

“I have been single for only 1 Day and I already feel  

“My friends always used to Tease me and tell me I love ‘Love’.

I have finally accepted this is True. I do Love Love. What LEO Woman doesn’t?

“#ThatWasAReallyGoodMan and I may be silly to let him go but it’s okay cause now #YouCanHaveHimSister!      My head feels wobbly.

I write a great deal don’t I ?

“Maybe this happened so I can find a way to get back in my head and stroke the balls of my sleeping muse.

“I want a Cat. I have had dogs all my Life and they made for best of Friends those years I was Single.

“Should I get a Cat? I feel like If I finally do get a Cat it would be an all black one with Eyes that Gleam in the Darkness.

“Darkness: What lies in the wake of a Love never to be felt again.

“I want a Cat and I want to Write. No not Write Rap. Not that.

“It would be so wonderful to write a new Novel.

“I’d think about this in the coming days and let you know what I decide.

“Hey don’t feel sad for me. I let a Good man go, that must be a good thing no?

“I want to write a Novel.

I have to write.

I am going to Write.

I need to Write.

I am Writing.

Don’t Ask about me, I have gone to Write.

I AM a Writer, First.

2:22 NEW”

Their joint Instagram account @evaandcaesar has been inactive for the past four months, which only fuelled the rumours of their split.

Eva & Ceaser

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