Bovi: Nigerian Comedian Inspires Fans With Powerful Insights On Life

Bovi is a Nigerian comedian who is also a director, producer, actor, and writer known for his popular stand-up comedy concerts like Bovi Man on Fire.

 Nigerian comedian Bovi who purchased a G Wagon after his show, Man on Fire was in May took to Instagram on Tuesday June 13th to share an inspiring quote.

He shared this thought provoking quote once took to his snapchat to preach on the importance of healthy living and how difficult it was for him to give up cigar, fanta and bread.

He shared below:

There’s a pattern for everything. Success, failure, sanity, madness, tranquility, chaos. If your pattern isn’t giving you the desired results, alter it or change it. You can’t travel down the wrong route and arrive at the right destination. Go back and Start again!


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