Turkey referendum:Tayyip Erdogan wins

Turkish referendum vote is about coming to an end as President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has claimed victory, as count neared completion. With more than 99% of ballots counted, “Yes” was on 51.35% and “No” on 48.65%.

The two main opposition parties are challenging the results.

If confirmed, the “Yes” vote could also see Mr Erdogan remain in office until 2029.

Erdogan supporters want the country to replacing the parliamentary system with an executive presidency that it will help to modernize the country.

He Supporters are streaming into the governing AK party’s headquarters here in Ankara, car horns and campaign songs blaring – they are convinced the “Yes” side has won and that President Erdogan now has a mandate for the biggest…

A source dsclosed that three people were shot dead near a polling station in the south-eastern province of Diyarbakir, during a dispute over how they were voting.


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