My selling point is Being local-Falz Bad Guy

Folarin Falana aka Falz the Bad Guy the son to Femi Falana SAN a well-respected lawyer and he lived in highbrow areas while growing up.

Ajebutter (rich kid Falz Speak with Sunday Scoop, he said that his brand of comedy and music have brought him immense gains. “It’s not like I’m pretending to be what I’m not but I like mimicking people and whenever I do that, it causes laughter. Even the way I speak in my comedy skits is actually how some people talk in real life. I never sat down and decided to start talking that way but it was as a result of my observation and the things I see around me. I can also mimic some other voices too so it’s just a God-given talent. Being local is my selling point as it has brought me fame and fortune.”

“They are both entertainment and if you do what you love, you wouldn’t consider it to be work. If I’m required to be on set, it is all about me scheduling my time and see how I can meet up so that one doesn’t clash with the other. However, I’ve been doing more of music these days because there has been a lot of demand on me. My fans want to see me and many of them are outside the country, so I constantly have to travel on tours. Even when I’m performing songs on stage, the crowds usually ask me to do some comedy interludes as well, so it is inter-related.”he said

However, listening to Falz’s comedy skits, you wouldn’t believe that the young man ever passed through the gates of a school. He usually delivers his jokes in smattering English with a thick Yoruba accent which gets audience cracking with laughter every time. He has also been able to make a name for himself as a singer and he remains the only Nigerian singer who has won a major acting award.

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