Nigeria Economy has stopped working since Buhari return from medical trip and took over from Prof Osinbajo – Yakasai

The Elder Statesman, Tanko Yakasai has wished President Buhari “good luck” if he wishes to seek for second term in office as Nigeria President.

The politician, human right activist and former Liaison Officer to President Shehu Shagari  claimed that things went bad after President Muhammadu Buhari returned from his London medical vacation and took over from Prof Yemi Osinbajo, who was acting in his stead.

He stated that, things were going on smoothly while Buhari was away; that Niger Delta militants stopped blowing pipelines and Nigerians were enjoying more than 8 hours of electricity supply daily.

According to Sun report, 2019 election is in hands of God. If he Buhari is fit, good luck to him. He admitted that things went on fine when Osinbajo acted for him; the vice president is younger, while ill health and military background weaken the president.

“Things were better when the vice president acted because I was getting electricity for eight hours a day, and now since Buhari came back and took over, electricity supply dropped to two or three hours in a day and the economy situation is going bad again compare to when the vice president was acting.

“The same complaint in Lagos of people paying electricity bill that they didn’t enjoy, it wasn’t happening when Osinbajo was acting.

The Northern Statesman stated that “During the short period that the VP acted, there was no blowing of pipelines anymore.

“If what happens in this country in the last two years didn’t kill me, I don’t think it will kill me in the next two years. The suffering was much, I suffer and you suffer.

“The other day I got a text message from somebody who complained how he has been suffering, as his pensions had not been paid for over one year, and his children are still in school, I told him, how I was also suffering.

“Everybody is suffering, but if we want to suffer, we can continue the suffering. The Hausa people say, Mutuwar yawa kaka “If death is going to take everybody, not me alone, let it come”.

He stated, “God forbid that Nigeria would have been divided; do you think that the Urhobo, Ika Igbo in Delta would have allowed the Ijaw and Itsekiri to go away with the oil in Niger Delta to their exclusion?” he said”.

He described Kanu and his supporters, as irritants annoying the government and other people,for thinking of tearing Nigeria apart.

He bereate the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu for thinking that Nigeria we divide,”this not going to be possible because we are determine to be unity as a country and work the ways of developing this great country together”.

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