Charly Boy open Letter to President Buhari on National Assembly

Message from hs roya punkness area fade charly boy to President Buhari

Dear Sir,

A belated welcome back home. I trust you’re taking it easy, because old age no dey lie. We even hear say you dey go back to continue your treatment, it is well sha.

During the 2015 election, a lot of foreign observers analysed and sympathised with Nigerians because the choice we had was between the devil and the deep blue sea. Even I had lost hope in the leadership of my beloved country, and I remember telling Nigerians that what was needed to get us out of the mess we find ourselves, is a benevolent dictator: One whose sole aim would be to roundup all looters and destroyers of this great country and deliver us from The vile, evil and wicked politicians/cabals that has enforced this kinda poverty, hunger, hopelessness on my people, with impunity.

Funny, many thought I was talking about you. But a lot had gone wrong in our country for too long; and I am aware that it would take a long time to purge our country of habits that has hindered our collective growth as a people.

Sir, your re-entry into the leadership of this country was greeted with mixed feelings.

While some Nigerians felt you are the man for the job, others felt you belonged to the status quo and nothing will change. I know that Nigerians will need to bite the Bullet before the healing process can start.

Although your administration has made a lot of goofs in some areas, on the corruption fight, nonetheless, I clap for you small because now we can see how overwhelming corruption has become. So, I and my fellow frustrated Nigerians are with you on that. I am aware that the corruption fight cannot be fought only by you or a few well-meaning people in your kitchen cabinet; some of whom we the people don’t even trust.

This is also the people’s fight if we all must see a better Nigeria. Like you said; “If we don’t kill corruption, corruption will kill us.” Corruption has for long empowered the criminal minority to terrorise the silent majority, because many Nigerians see corruption as a victimless crime. But that is exactly what breeds all sorts of anomalies bedevilling the nation today. Our mumu don do.

Frustrated Nigerians know that this fight must start from the National Assembly. I am aware that you have had a running battle with some of the blackmailers, scammers, 419ers, certificate forgers and the riffraffs in the National Assembly.

I even hear say you don block some of the loopholes wey dem dey take chop money and how dem no dey get the kin awoof money dem dey chop before. Baba you bad o!!!!!!

However, how can this fight be intensified because my fellow frustrated Nigerians are aware of all the intrigues going on at the National Assembly, and frankly, we have had enough of this rubbish and jagbagantis. Abi Na till we die or till we craze?

Mr. President, Sir, it’s time to show your bone face.

After all, Obasanjo dealt with many of them in the house: Senator Evan/Evans Enwerem, Senator Dr Chuba Okadigbo, Senator Adolphus Wabara, Salisu Buhari on the House of Reps as their Speaker in 1999. Even our gentleman former President, Goodluck dealt with House Speaker Aminu Tambuwal.

Oga mi, you must decisively clamp down on these rogues before they finally ruin our lives. You can’t go wrong since many of my fellow frustrated Nigerians are down for the biggest showdown. Isn’t this the main reason why many voted for you? To liberate Nigeria from crooks, criminals, and gangsters occupying positions of power!

We can’t continue like this anymore.

Our mumu don reach final bus stop. As a matter of urgency we must cut down on the excesses of our legislooters. We can’t indefinitely continue to fund such a padded good-for-nothing expensive senate when Nigerians are poor, hungry, angry and hopeless. Because the battle for the heart and soul of Nigeria has begun.

We can’t endlessly waste Nigeria’s revenue on a bunch of certificate forgers, armed robbers and riffraffs. Na Wetin?

It’s time to formulate our kind of democracy, because the Oyibo way no go work with us especially with these criminals. Let the people decide if we should scrap the Senate or drastically tone it down to a more manageable level.

Baba, boys wan Para o!!!!!!!!

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