Charly Boy: ‘ I Will Post The Real Picture Of My Pierced Blokos Here’

Charly Boy promised his fans a picture of his pierced p**s if he can get 4000 likes in an Instagram post. Read more…

The famous star who just got his arm tattooed with names of his children, took to Instagram writing, “I will post d real picture of my pierced blokos here, if I get 4,000 likes. Is dat a deal? especially for those who are curious.

In a poll ran by Pulse to see Apparently, a lot of people want to see Charly Boy’s pierced p**s.

43.7% of our readers say they want to see a picture of Charly Boy’s pierced below.

17.7% say they don’t want to see his thing while 38.6% just don’t care.


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