Blackface dragged 2face to court for song Theft

Blackface born Ahmedu Augustine, who had earlier accused 2face of intellectual theft has dragged 2face to court for allegedly stealing his song “let somebody love you.”

Blackface said “When I accused them, they lied and said its ‘unfortunate’. I said they took my song and then even said maybe my account was hacked.

“Well, if you thought so why didn’t you pick up your phone and say “Yo black… What’s going on?’

The Plantashun boiz members comprises of 2face, Innocent Idibia, and Faze, Chibuzor Oji and Blackface Ahmedu Augustine,

The music group was found n year 2000 when tuface go on solo that disband the entire group from singing together.

Ahmedu Augustine believe, the court is our only option as they keep avoiding meetings thinking that with time it will all fade off. But, they know not what tomorrow holds and neither do I.”

was asked if he considered taking legal actions against him and he told Premium Times, “Yes, I have; and my legal team is working on that, as that’s the best way to go.

He insisted that” they won’t because they wanted to steal it and it backfired, and they trying to act ‘holy’ so they make flimsy excuses.

“2face and his manager planned all of that. 2face sang my song
“Let Somebody Love You” and featured an American artiste, Bridget Kelly.

“His manager published it without my permission. Till today they haven’t deemed it fit to tell the world that they tried to assassinate my character in the media but that couldn’t be justice and they know.

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