TBoss Opens Up On Sexual Harassment- ‘I Never Led Kemen On’

TBoss, after hours of silence has  recently opened up and given account of what happened between her & fellow housemate Kemen who was disqualified yesterday March 5th for violating her.

To reduce the tension in the house, Bisola was called to the diary room by Biggie who played the video of Kemen sexually harassing TBoss. The video below shows Thin Tall Tony asking her to tell them what really happened and TBoss decided to make the whole housemates know the full story.

Admitting she had taken alcohol before passing out for the night, TBoss says she never gave Kemen consent to touch her after Big Brother showed her what Kemen did. She said it looked like she was being fingered and she immediately wondered what her father would be thinking. TBoss also described how Biggie asked her not to confront Kemen as it may lead to her being disqualified from the show as well.


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