Nigerian Actor Taiwo Hassan Turns Farmer

Veteran Yoruba actor, Taiwo Hassan popularly known as ‘Ogogo’ spoke in an interview with Punch News on, August 14th.

He talked about the financial pains actors and actresses in Nigeria face. He also expressed that this is the reason for his long absence from Nollywood. Hassan, 56, was once one of the most popular Yoruba actors in Nigeria but has decided to turn to another line of work for his livelihood.
 He Said:

“I just can’t be chasing some jobs that are not worth it now. Imagine going to Ibadan now on fuel of about N30, 000, the producers don’t usually have the fund to pay for my hotel and I will lodge my personal assistants in hotels as well. I can’t commit to jobs that are not worth it. It is not every job that one gets to do at a certain stage in one’s life.”

“No marketer can finance a movie project with a large amount of money. Imagine releasing a movie in the morning by 9am and by 2pm the pirated copies will be out. So, how do we get our royalties or how does the marketer recoup his investment?”

“We solely depend on God’s mercy now, and the goodwill of those who love us. Only few have small businesses of their own. As I speak, some actors are being fed by their wives. A big marketer in the industry told me when he wanted to release a Yoruba movie, some Igbo boys in Alaba told him to settle the pirates so they don’t pirate his movie. That is happening in a lawful society.”

‘”Footballers and musicians make more money than actors. Actors are the least paid.”

Ogogo, as he is popularly known, still remains an actor but said he plans to go into farming.

“My parents were farmers. I have partially started the process of going into farming.”


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