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President Buhari Will Die In 2017 – Ghanaian prophet makes shocking prophecies

prophet, Isaac Owusu Bempah,
prophet, Isaac Owusu Bempah,

A Ghanaian prophet, Isaac Owusu Bempah, founder and leader of the Glorious Word Ministry International has made shocking prophecies for 2017.

The controversial pastor made on December 31 during the crossover service was that Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari will die. He also predicted the deaths of a former president, a former first lady as well as a ‘great king’ in Ghana. He predicted a terrorist attack in the country, a coup d’etat as well as more clashes between Christians and Muslims in the country.

The prophecies, though intriguing to the several who hear them, have left many pondering what really a 2017 Ghana will look like. But Rev Owusu Bempah could not be bothered about how his prophecies are interpreted. His message is simple: “Pray to avert them.”

Here are the 17 prophecies of prophet Isaac Owusu Bempah for 2017 below:

– Death of a former president

– Death of a former first lady

– Coup d’etat in Ghana

– Death of Nigeria’s president

– Terrorist attack in Ghana

– Death of several young men and women

– Important personalities in parliament will die

– Many people will be kidnapped

– Innocent blood will be shed in a particular political party

– Increase in occult practices

– Americans will go for war

– More Muslim/Christian clashes this year

– A great king will die

– Another plane crash in Ghana

 Fire outbreaks in important offices in Ghana

– More celebrities(Actors,musicians and media practitioners) in Ghana to die S

– NDC to stay in opposition for 16 years

Video for the shocking prophecies in 2017.

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