Live Updates on the Gambia Political crisis for Adama Barrow controversial inauguration

Gambia's embassy in Senegal's capital Dakar
Gambia’s embassy in Senegal’s capital Dakar

Day 2 ..


Jammeh ‘highly likely to leave for Conakry today’

I have just arrived at Gambia’s State House with the presidents of Guinea and Mauritania.
The Ecowas deadline for Jammeh to leave has been extended to allow for this last negotiation.
A source tells me he is “highly likely” to leave for Conakry today. People lined up waving and chanting “peace”

BREAKINGJammeh asks for extension of deadline to stand down

The Gambia’s long-time ruler Yahya Jammeh, who lost elections in December, has asked for an extension of the deadline to stand down to be extended to 16:00 local time (16:00 GMT).

3:23PM Koranic recitations on Gambian TV

 Yahya Jammeh'
 Yahya Jammeh’
Programming is yet to start on Gambian state-run TV, GRTS, as the country waits for Adama Barrow’s controversial inauguration in neighbouring Senegal.
GRTS started showing transmission colour bars with sporadic audio of Koranic recitations from 10:51 GMT, nearly four hours earlier than the previous day.
But it’s not unusual for the TV to operate off regular scheduling.
BBC Monitoring found the website of state TV inaccessible and the last entry on GRTS’s Facebook page was posted on 5 January.
The government owns the only national terrestrial broadcast station, the preferred medium for Yahya Jammeh’s pronouncements.
He has refused to concede to Mr Barrow, who was the declared the winner of the 1 December election.

3:20PM US tells staff to stay away from Gambia border



US Embassy personnel restricted from travelling w/in 50 miles of Senegal- The Gambia border & advised to avoid military bases



3:24PM Streets peaceful as The Gambia waits

Very peaceful in the areas I’ve been to today in The Gambia and reports I’ve received across the country speak of the same.
Hardly any soldiers or military patrols on the streets. A few policemen around looking pleased with themselves. Two recently mounted military checkpoints dismantled.
Civilians expressing themselves freely – and angrily – with some saying they will take to the streets after Adama Barrow takes the oath at The Gambian Embassy in Dakar.
3:02PM Barrow’s change of venue


Gambian President-elect Adama Barrow was due to be inaugurated at a football stadium in the country – but with Yahya Jammeh, whose term was due to end on Wednesday, refusing to budge, it will now take place at the somewhat smaller venue of the Gambian embassy in Dakar:
Footie stadium where Barrow inauguration supposed to take place. Coz of “abnormal situation” it will happen in Dakar



Police and army outside  embassy in Dakar where preparations underway now for  inauguration 
3:00PM: Ghana to deploy troops to The Gambia
Ghana will be deploying more than 200 combat troops to support the Ecowas mission in Gambia.
The spokesperson for the Ghana Armed Forces, Col Aggrey Quashie has confirmed to the BBC that the troops will be deployed in the coming days.
An earlier communique issued by Ghana’s presidency indicates that President Akufo-Addo authorised the deployment.
1;22pam : UN to vote on Gambia intervention
The UN Security Council will vote later today on a draft resolution to support efforts by the West African regional bloc to transfer power in The Gambia to Adama Barrow, AFP news agency reports.
The Economic Community Of West African States (Ecowas) has prepared a force to intervene in The Gambia if Yahya Jammeh des not give up power today following his defeat in elections on 1 December.
The Gambia, the smallest country in mainland Africa, is part of Ecowas.


1;10pm Four held over #GambiaHasDecided t-shirts’


A researcher with the righst group Amnesty International says men selling t-shirts carrying a Gambian election hashtag have been arrested:
Confirmed that 4 young men arrested yesterday in  by military in shop selling  tshirts & held incommunicado 



The hashtag #GambiaDecides was popular in the run-up to and during the vote.
#GambaiHasDecided refers to the victory of opposition candidate Adama Barrow, who is due to be sworn into office in the Senegalese capital Dakar later.
Yahya Jammeh’s term ended on Wednesday.
1.03pm: Botswana ‘no longer recognises Jammeh’
Botswana has become the first African state to announce that it no longer recognises Yahya Jammeh as The Gambia’s president 
In a statement, Botswana’s goverrnment said:
Mr Jammeh’s decision not to respect the will of the Gambian people undermines the ongoing efforts to consolidate democracy and good governance in The Gambia and Africa as a whole. This is also in direct contravention of the spirit and aspirations of the African Union Constitutive Act.
The Government of Botswana therefore continues to appeal to the international community to do all within its power to exert pressure on Mr Jammeh to hand over power in order to ensure a smooth transition.
Mr Barrow was due to be inaugurated at a ceremony in The Gambia today, but Mr Jammeh has imposed a state of emergency and parliament has controversially extended his term by 90 days.
Gambians ‘waiting for Jammeh to go
12:53 pm : It’s eerily quiet in Banjul this morning. Most streets are deserted and there’s very little traffic on the main roads. Shops, gas stations, banks are all closed.
People are mostly staying home not knowing what may happen next.
In the meantime, European tourists continue to evacuate their hotels and are being shuttled to the airport to board charter flights that will take them home earlier than they had planned.
In some areas, men are standing on the roadside, arms crossed or looking at their phones.
We talked to a few of them who said that they were waiting for Yayha Jammeh to go. They said they would take to the streets once Adama Barrow is sworn-in this afternoon.
They wanted West African troops to come in as soon as possible.
Some also told us they were worried about what Mr Jammeh might try to do to resist any offensive against him.
However, we’ve seen little presence of security forces in the city so far.
12.13 pm :Gambia’s largest city, Serekounda, is like a ghost town. Its busiest market deserted. Shops closed. Stalls abandoned
Gambia's largest city, Serekounda

11.38 AM :Gambia’s embassy in Senegal’s capital Dakar has been shut with no guards or staff.The embassy is due to host the controversial inauguration of property developer Adama Barrow as the third president of The Gambia later today.

More update later as we receive the news live

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