pictures of couple who live with 9ft tall bear in the resident

Jim and Susan Kowalczik care for 23-year-old brown bear Jimbo at their orphanage in New York state.The couple have cared for Jimbo for almost all of his life, so despite his fearsome appearance he hugs them like any other parents.
He’ll play with you all day if you have the time,” Mr Kowalczik told the Daily Mail.

“They’re content, they’re happy. If they weren’t, you would know it.”Jimmy is my best friend. It doesn’t get any better than that. He loves you just for you.

 Incredible pictures show what life is like living with a 100 stone, 9ft tall kodiak bear.

 The couple now care for 11 bears , including Kodiak brown bears, Syrian bears and black bears on their 100 acre estate, where they have dedicated their lives to rescuing and releasing injured animals.

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